Monday, November 7, 2011

The Vision

A lonely shepherd sits on a hill-side above the mud brick village and dreams of becoming a doctor or a lawyer or an accountant. The village elder has an Internet connection with which the shepherd can access this site. Slowly and with a lot of effort the shepherd acquires enough aPages to get noticed and is sponsored by this site to come to a country where the potential can fulfilled and become a professional. Returning home, the new professional now has a secure future, status and skills that can be passed on to make the same changes for others.

The harp restorer sits back in the comfy arm-chair. Today is the first day of, what will hopefully be, a long and comfortable retirement. A working life has been devoted to caring for these magical instruments. But there is one regret - no apprentice could be found. All the experience and all those mistakes cannot be passed on. Surely there has to be a way. There is a website, but that must be much too difficult for someone who has "just" looked after harps - but it might be worth a try - a retirement project just in case someone else wants the information.

"The teacher hates me because I ask questions, that group in the corner bullies me because I want to know. They all just want me to fail - I'm going to stop going!"

"Never let THEM decide for you. Why should someone who wants to put you down force you into something you don't want? Don't give them that power! You do what you think is right and then they lose. Don't let them win."

"Oh, but the weather is bad and the busses aren't running. Next week is a holiday. I just don't want to go any more."

"Hmmm. Ahhh! No problem. Why not just go to that web site, ..."

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